Tea Tree Oil: What it is and How to Use

Tea Tree Essential Oil, pure and 100% natural, certified as a food supplement, which guarantees maximum purity and superior quality, which makes it suitable for both external, aromatherapy and cosmetic use, and for internal use as a supplement food.

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Tea Tree essential oil is obtained from the leafy twigs of Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree or Tea Tree), with a powerful anti-infective and antibacterial action with a broad spectrum of action, antiviral, antifungal (Tinea pedis), immunostimulant, antiastenic, cardiotonicaleggera , neurotonics, phlebotonics.

It can be used pure or diluted as appropriate. Indicated for ENT infections (otitis, nasopharyngitis, tonsillitis), bronchitis, cystitis, prostatitis, asthenia. For topical use, diluted, it is indicated for acne, aphthae, stomatitis, gingivitis, pyorrhea, mycivivinal from Candida; as pure essential oil, for skin mycosis, foot mycosis, athlete’s foot, nail mycosis (onychomycosis), cold sores.

What is Tea Tree Oil used for?


The uses in dermatology are probably the most frequent because of the antibacterial properties of this precious element.On the market it is possible to find both pure and cream Tea Tree Oil. The latter is more suitable for dermatological problems, but here are the various uses.


It is possible to apply it not only on the skin, but also on the nails, in this case the antifungal properties allow to effectively treat onychomycosis.To give relief to the feet in case of ingrown toenail, a Tea Tree Oil cream must be used which, by softening the skin , avoids excessive pressure of the nail and therefore relieves pain, also thanks to the anti-inflammatory property.In addition, given the propensity for the formation of fungus in the feet, the use of this product is also recommended for athletes who are forced to wear shoes that they tend to keep the foot moist.Effectiveness guaranteed even in the case of warts.Thanks to the pleasant scent it is also an excellent deodorant for the feet.

As far as external use is concerned, tea tree oil can also be used to treat cold sores.In this case, in order to be more effective, it is necessary to apply, with the help of a cotton swab, a drop of pure oil to resolve easily the problem. To prevent you can use cocoa butter enriched with tea tree oil directly on the lips. This product is an excellent emollient also for chapped lips.

You can use it not only in case of herpes simplex, but also for other forms, for example in case of herpes zoster. It is a very annoying infection, also known as shingles, in this case it is possible to soothe the nuisance due to boils with the use of tea tree oil combined with lavender oil, with analgesic properties: quick relief is assured.


The first thing to say is that tea tree oil per cani can also be used in pregnancy, to soothe intimate itching.You can use vaginal ovules, or dilute the oil, preferably bio, in the bidet water to get relief. But be careful with the doses. How many drops in the bidet? For a good internal lavender 10 drops in half a liter of water are enough, increasing the water must also increase the doses of tea tree oil.

Among the cheapest, however, there is Erbamea Tea Tree Oil; for gargling and intimate washing it is possible to choose the already diluted solution of the Lotion Vividus.